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We believe that buying law books in lagos should be a piece of cake. Matog Limited is your home for books. We proudly made the list of law book dealers and suppliers in Lagos for our delivery of quality law books to our growing customer base. We deal in law books of various titles, immigration law, family law, labour law, land law, property law, evidence law, business law, company law, arbitration law, civil procedure rules and high court rules of various state and Federal High Court Rules.

Our partnership with Publishers ensure that we are abreast of new publication, textbooks, case materials, landmark decision contained in law reports in both local and international jurisdictions.

List of Law Book Dealers & Suppliers in Lagos: Immigration Law Books Titles

Immigration Law Textbook in Lagos

  • Nigerian Immigration Act 2015-Law of The Federation of Nigeria
  • Immigration law handbook by Margaret Phelan, (Barrister); James Gillespie; Publisher: Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press, [2013]
  • Learning about Immigration Law by Constantinos E Scaros Published 2006 by Cengage Learning
  • Immigration Law and Procedure in a Nutshell by David Weissbrodt, Laura Danielson Publisher: Thomson/West, 2005
  • Kurzban’s Immigration Law Sourcebook, 15th Edition
  • ABA Fundamentals’ Immigration Law, Lexisnexis
  • Immigration Law and Procedure in a Nutshell by David S. Weissbrodt, Law School Academics
  • Immigration Law Handbook by Margaret Phelan, James Gillespie, Publisher: Oxford University Press, 2015
  • Basic immigration law, 2013 by Cyrus D Mehta; Practicing Law Institute,; Publisher: New York, New York : Practicing Law Institute, [2013]
  • Immigration law sourcebook: a compendium of immigration-related laws and policy documents by American Bar Association.
  • Immigration law. [2013] by Kevin Browne, (Associate professor in law); College of Law (England and Wales)

Basic immigration law, 2016 by Cyrus D Mehta; Practicing Law Institute,

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Halsbury’s laws of England Publisher: LexisNexis

Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents  by Tim Wakefield .Publisher: LexisNexis

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