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Jackson and Powell on Professional Negligence deals with :

  • Professional Negligence
  • Duties to Client
  • Duties to Third Parties
  • Standards of Care and Skills
  • Liability for Breach of Duty and
  • Damages


Halsbury’s Laws is an authoritative encyclopaedia of law in the England and Wales, arranged by subject,with several indexes and updating services

Oil and Gas Exploration Contracts Hardcover – October 28, 2008

by Anthony Jennings  (Editor)

Oil and Gas Exploration Contracts by Anthony Jennings  (Editor) is a definitive, thematic, thorough, detailed, comprehensive work on oil and gas exploration contract.

It include:

Nature, purpose and terms of legal agreements in oil & gas exploration

Joint Operating Agreements

Agreements for services

Turnkey Drilling Contracts

Principles involved in oil & Gas Transaction

Clause by Clause guidance for Practitioners in the Oil Industry.

Gas Sales and Gas Transportation Agreements: Principles and Practice 3rd edition Edition

by Peter Roberts (Author)

A practical and comprehensive guide to the law and practice of structuring projects for the sale and transportation of gas and LNG, based on the author’s own vast experience. The discussion is augmented by five precedent agreements which demonstrate the practical mechanics of putting the deal together.

Oil and Gas: A Practical Handbook, GLOBE LAW AND BUSINESS PUBLISHING

The Handbook documents principles involved in oil and gas transactions, from the upstream exploration phase to transportation by pipeline and liquefied natural gas to sales and marketing.

It is intended for Lawyers, Oil & Gas Practitioners, Commercial Negotiators, and Energy Advisory Experts.

Natural Gas Agreements Hardcover – December 27, 2001 by Martyn David (Editor)

Natural Gas Agreements, edited by Martyn David is a detailed work on :

Negotiating Natural Gas Agreements

Gas Production Process

Contractual Processes

Supply & Storage Stage of Gas

Written by Experts and cover a wider applicability of the work done here. 

Halsbury’s Statutes of England and Wales

  • Halsbury’s Statutes of England and Wales details the amended text of every Public General Act and Church of England Measure currently in force and Local Acts. It is made up of the statute law of England and Wales from the earliest times to the present day.
  • It contains:
    Parliamentary debates
    Amendments and repeals
    Derivation notes in the case of consolidating legislation
    Cross-references to other provisions of the Act and to other relevant provisions in Halsbury’s Statutes
    Words and phrases judicially considered
    Subordinate legislation
    References to words specifically defined in the ActConsolidated Index including alphabetical and chronological tables of statutes
    Consolidated Table of Cases,
    Consolidated Table of Statutory Instruments 

Winfield and Jolowicz on Tort Editors:Edwin Peel; James Goudkamp

Winfield and Jolowicz on Tort is the most authoritative and exhaustive guide on Tort. It covers: significant developments in the Commonwealth, Recent Case Laws and Legislations. It is based on English Law.


Wade & Forsyth’s Administrative Law gives the user a comprehensive understanding of administrative law.

It offers deep insights on administrative law that makes it appeal to students, academics and legal practitioners.

Phipson on Evidence 18th ed Edited by: Hodge M. Malek, Jonathan Auburn, Roderick Bagshaw, et al

Phipson on Evidence provides a detailed treatise on civil and criminal evidence. It covers:

Principles and procedures on the law on evidence

Guidance on Civil and Criminal Evidence



Burden of Proof

Expert Evidence

Documentary evidence

Confession evidence

Evidence taken before trials, during trials, rules of evidence, cross examination of witness


Judicial Discretion to admit or exclude evidence

Statistical Survey on Evidenve

Detailed Case Law on Evidence

Decision on Commonwealth

Bowstead & Reynolds on Agency

Bowstead and Reynolds on Agency deals both Agent and Principal in Contract, Tort, Commercial, Company and Property Law. It also includes commentary and examples to facilitate understanding. Practitioners, Students will find the simplicity worthy.

Recent Changes and Development in Law and Practice of Agency have been included by its publishers, Sweet & Maxwell.


Objectivity and the onus of proof in relation to the concept of authority and ratification

Apparent authority from a course of dealing

Being put on inquiry as to defects in an agent’s authority

Restitutionary and accessory liabilities of principals

Ministerial agents

Appointment of agents by mentally incapacitated persons

Duties of sub-agents owed to the principal

Agents who work for competing principals

Agents’ conflicts of interest, and duties of confidentiality

Proprietary remedies for breach of fiduciary duty

Agents’ liability to third parties

The agency powers of trustees

Ratification by companies

Updating on “commercial agents”

Revision of material on the conflict of laws

Case law with a range, depth, and authority fitting to this book’s Common Law Library branding

Creation of Agency

Authority of agents, including issues of onus of proof

Agency law to companies; and the interrelationship of agency law and the law of trusts

Agency of necessity to the conduct of liquidators and administrators

Equitable duties of agents and sub-agents owed to principals

Duties of agents towards their principals

Relations between principals and third parties based on apparent authority

Restitutionary quantum meruit; and agents’ liens

Agents’ liability in tort to third parties; procurement of and other involvement in the wrongs of others

Breach of warranty of authority

Principal’s mental incapacity on agency, and the effect of liquidation and dissolution of companies on agency

Llaw relating to commercial agents

Law on the conflict of laws

Goff & Jones: The Law of Restitution (Common Law Library)

This definitive work on Restitution deals with the underlying principles of unjust enrichment

Ways a right to restitution can arise.

Theory and practical application of Mistake, Compulsion, Necessity and Ineffective Transactions.

Principles and practical applications of Mistake,



Ineffective Transactions and Defences.

Case law.

Breach of Fiduciary Relationships

Breach of Confidence and

Change of Position

Defences to claims for restitution.

Court of Appeal decisions in

  • R McDonald v Coys of Kensington,
  • Boake Allen Ltd v Commissioners for Revenue and Customs
  • Brennan v Bolt Burden.

 Archbold: Criminal Pleading, Evidence and Practice

Archbold: Criminal Pleading, Evidence and Practice is the definitive work on criminal pleading, evidence and practice. It helps Practitioners, Judges to focus on What the Law is, rather than what it ought to be. It covers substantive law and practice. It covers detailed treatment of Murder, Forgery increasing understanding of crimes relevant to cases at hand. The work is over 190years old, relied upon by Lawyers and Judges to make sound arguments. It is the handbook for criminal lawyers in England & Wales and other law jurisdictions. Published in 1882, written by John Federick Archbold and has undergone revisions.

Its authors today now comprise experienced barristers, QCs and judges, headed up by general editor P.J. Richardson QC, an experienced barrister who has overseen each edition of Archbold since 1982.

Terrell on the Law of Patents Authors: The Hon Mr Justice Colin Birss; Andrew Waugh, QC; Tom Mitcheson, QC; Douglas Campbell, QC; Justin Turner, QC; Tom Hinchliffe, QC

Terrell on the Law of Patents is the No 1 books on Law of Patents in the United Kingdom. It covers application, infringement, patent law, practice and procedure. First Published in 1884.

Snell’s Equity

This outstanding work on Equity provides Readers with:

In-depth Commentary and Analysis of law of equity

Interpretation of how different rules can be applied to property..

Equitable principles and remedies and their application in trusts, probate and mortgages.

Nature of equity and the maxims of equity

Expert interpretation of equity rules and how they can be applied in the different situations

Assignments of choses in action, and priorities.

Ancient equitable doctrines of conversion, reconversion, election, performance and satisfaction Assesses the situation in which equity has intervened to safeguard those who, by their status or circumstance are in need of protection illustrating how equity can be used in different client situations

Equitable remedies

Administration of Trusts, securities, equitable doctrines, equitable protection

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